Call for Proposals: COLFUTURO, Colombia – Graduate Loan-Scholarship Programs (English and French)

Dear Languages Canada members,

Languages Canada is pleased to present English and French public sector members with the opportunity to grow the number of Colombian students in your programs through the COLFUTURO Graduate Loan-Scholarship Program.

COLFUTURO is a Colombian non-profit foundation that provides financial support and programs for Colombian citizens to access high-quality study programs abroad opportunities.

The COLFUTURO Graduate Loan-Scholarship Program provides financial support for the most talented Colombian students to access postgraduate education in the world's best universities. Students can request a loan of up to USD $50,000 to finance their master or Ph.D. studies for programs of 9 to 24 months. Recipients of the Loan-Scholarship Program are then eligible to have a significant percentage of their loan converted to a grant depending on selected field of study, successful completion of degree, whether students return to Colombia upon completion of their program, if they work within the public or academic sector, and if they work outside of the Bogota metropolitan area.

Students applying for the COLFUTURO Loan-Scholarship Program may attend any university of their choosing outside of Colombia. There is no restricted list of “eligible” institutions. However, COLFUTURO has agreements with over 100 universities that provide special offers or discounts to COLFUTURO Loan-Scholarship recipients as incentive for students to choose their programs, such as offering free or significantly discounted English/French preparatory courses with a conditional acceptance into a Masters or PhD program. (View the agreement HERE between COLFUTURO and Massey University of New Zealand as an example.) Universities with special offers or discounts are listed on the COLFUTURO website, providing exposure with a Colombian student audience.

COLFUTURO welcomes LC university members to submit proposals to provide special offers or discounts for Graduate Loan-Scholarship recipients. Those interested can provide details of the proposed offer/discount using the agreement template HERE. Submit proposed agreement to Johanna Torres, Director of International Relations at with copy to Rachel Lindsey, Director, International Affairs and Operations, Languages Canada at