Languages Canada’s Quality Assurance Framework

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Accreditation – Quality Assurance Quality Assurance is a critical element of Languages Canada. All member schools are required to be accredited under one internationally recognized and comprehensive scheme. The Accreditation Scheme operates at arm’s length, is transparent, confidential and maintains the integrity and rigour of Languages Canada’s standards and process. Each level of review done by different member of a team of highly qualified independent professionals. Six areas examined:

  •     Student Services
  •     Teaching Staff
  •     Curriculum
  •     Marketing and Promotion
  •     Administration
  •     Student Admissions

Accreditation Documents

  • Accreditation Manual
    The Accreditation Manual provides a detailed overview of the steps involved in obtaining accreditation.
  • Application
    Start the accreditation process by downloading the application!
  • Standard(s)
    Standards detail the requirements that form the basis for accreditation. All requirements must be met.
  • Procedures
    Procedures outline relevant procedures surrounding the accreditation process.
  • Guidance Documents
    Guidance documents provide additional guidance for meeting certain requirements.
  • Forms
    Forms are those documents that are completed during the accreditation process.  


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